Innovative Turf Care for a Sustainable Future
Innovative Turf Care for a Sustainable Future

More micromoles for less $$


We focus on the 450nm, 660nm and 730nm LEDs

Osram Opto Semiconductor leads at the moment of publication over all competitors in µmol/J efficiency with their Osram Oslon Square LED emitters mainly in the deep blue 450nm, hyper red 660nm and far red 730nm direct toned LED packages. 

In the 660nm package at nominal drive current 350mA the efficiency goes as high as 3.91µmol/J what is nearly double from white leds. Never the less the high efficiency you can get with this type of LED packages, you also have to take the driving current into account – the higher the driving current, the lower the efficiency gets.

So as a LED grow light designer you have to make the trade-off between maximal micromole to power efficiency by using a much higher number of LED packages (which are fairly expensive) or finding the sweet spot where price to micromole is at its highest point of return on investment.
Osram Oslon LED efficiency


As seen above the efficiency of LED growlights developed with emitters focusing directly on the exact wavelengths are easily outperforming other LED growlights with over 60%. As you don’t want more micromoles over your canopy, this 60% is pure gain on your electricity bill, from one LED growlight solution compared to the other one. Second, feed your grass the exact supplement of light what it needs. This is the same as you do with enriching your soil with the correct fertilizers. It is useless to apply a broad spectrum of everything while every of these micromoles cost you money, when you don’t need that amount of energy at that wavelength. This probably saves you another 20-30% on energy to growth conversion.

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