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Steerable, controllable and data driven turf management
  • Steerable, controllable and data driven turf pitch management
  • Better Grass at Lower Cost
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Stogger develops and produces technical superior tools to improve your grass quality. We create better grass at lower cost and base our knowledge on data and research. Please see our solutions overview below.

Grass lighting

Booster 21C

Lighting - 21 m2

Booster 60

Lighting - 60 m2

Booster 70C

Lighting - 70 m2

Booster 80

Lighting - 80 m2

Booster 120

Lighting - 120 m2

Booster 240

Lighting - 240 m2

Booster 460

Lighting - 460 m2

Booster 480

Lighting - 480 m2

SON-T retrofit to LED

Replace HPS SON-T with LED

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Are you looking to achieve healthier and stronger turf growth year-round, while also enhancing game quality and reducing injury risks?

We can help you reach your goals through data monitoring and cutting-edge LED technology. With our innovative approach, we offer to be your reliable partner in a wide range of turf care and grow light solutions.

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