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Assess your current situation
Do you want to improve the quality of your turf? Do you want to stimulate your grass growth? Before thinking about grass growth solutions, it is important to clarify the starting situation. How is the grass currently being maintained? How do you feed your grass? Are you already using data to manage your turf maintenance?

First of all, it is important to assess your starting situation. Based on this, we make an inventory of which aspects of grass maintenance we can support you with. Based on this, we draw up a complete grass maintenance advice.

Conditions for good grass growth

To achieve good grass growth, five basic ingredients are needed:
Nutrition / fertilisation
If a shortage occurs in one of these basic ingredients, this will reduce grass growth.
It is therefore important to supplement this where necessary so that the standard for good grass growth is achieved. The standard for the soil temperature and water (soil moisture) can be achieved by using the field heating and by sprinkling. The standard for light can be achieved by using the Stogger Booster lamps. The standard of the required amount of light that is required for good and optimal grass growth is compared with the recommended grass lighting solution.

Advice as a basis for cost efficiency

Energy efficiency
To keep running costs low, it is essential to provide the right amount of light. If too little light is provided, grass growth will not be optimal. If too much light is provided, then energy is wasted. This can quickly significantly increase operating costs, by thousands of euro's unnecessarily. Good control and management of this guarantees the lowest costs and efficiency.
Light simulation
One of the cornerstones of the advice is the light simulation, in which the possible shadow formation as a result of stands or roofs, for example, can negatively influence grass growth. In these places the amount of light to stimulate grass growth is much greater.
A light simulation is a tool to provide insight into the amount of light received at parts of the turf pitch.

Direct sunlight

Providing more light to the grass is not always stimulating grass growth. Direct sunlight can also be harmful to grass growth.

Depending on the grass species, the grass experiences stress from direct sunlight in combination with high temperatures. Based on the light simulation and the climate, additional measures can be recommended.


Your turf pitch needs multiple ingredients to create grass growth. If there is an imbalance, it will not be possible to achieve an efficient growth. In addition, the costs will increase disproportionately due to an imbalance.

Before advising and implementing a grass growth solution, it is therefore important to start with sound advice to clarify the starting situation. Please contact us to request a free advice.

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We help you to realize your goals based on data monitoring and state of the art LED technology. With our different approach, we offer to be your strong partner offering a broad range of solutions to create better grass at lower cost.

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