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Lighting analysis

Determines what you need
Key features:
Creates a step by step analysis of your current situation
Quantitative analysis of the variables: light, climate and soil
Provide insight in what you need
Comparison HPS SON-T vs LED for your situation
Insights in budget planning and cost overview
Contact us to create a tailor made cost overview
Our grass grow lighting solutions have the following key features:
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Lighting analysis

Determine your optimal lighting solution
Before thinking about purchasing any lighting solution, it is important to make a thorough analysis of your current situation. What is the current status of the turf pitch. What is the location, what maintenance is being carried out and what is the objective of the customer investing in this solution?

Based on these questions, among other things, a quantitative analysis can be made, which provides insight into what is needed. In addition, many people have doubts about the application of HPS SON-T vs LED and there are many stories about this. We can provide insight into the pros and cons for a customer and make the comparison understandable and objective.

Finally, a budget planning and cost overview is also drawn up. After all, purchase costs in the form of purchase, lease or rental cannot be seen separately from the operational running costs, such as energy costs. In this way, the costs are transparent and the differences become understandable.
Key specifications | Lighting analysis
Current status Turf pitch analysis
Quantitative analysis Light, climate and soil
Insight What do you need?
Light comparison HPS SON-T vs LED
10 year cost overview Total cost of ownership
HPS vs LED 3

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Would you like to get an all year round healthier and stronger turf growth, and increase game quality with reduced risk on injuries?

We will help you realize your goals based on data monitoring and state of the art LED technology. With our different approach, we are offering to be your strong partner in a broad range of turf care and growlight solutions.

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