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Booster 240

Cost-efficient solution to treat semi-large turf surfaces
Key features:
Affordable, large-scale grass care
Developed to treat 240 m2 of grass
Available in both HPS-SON-T, LED as well as Hybrid lighting
Data controlled grass management system
10 year LED warranty
Made in the Netherlands white
10 year led warranty white

Booster 240

Large surface turf lighting solution

The Stogger Booster 240 is an cost-efficient height adjustable grass grow solution. It is suitable to treat large turf surfaces of 240 m2 at different intensities and is available in both HPS-SON-T, LED as well as Hybrid lighting. It recovers your grass after games and events, and ensures pitch quality throughout the year. The solution is both suitable for use in warm as well as cold climates. The lighting as well as heat intensity can be adjusted to prevent tipburn of the grass.  Due to the application of state of the art LED lighting from Mechatronix, you are guaranteed to have the lowest operating costs and, compared to HPS SON-T, have earned back this setup within 3 years.
All features
Semi-large surface grass care
Rental possible
Lowest operational costs by using LED
10 year LED warranty
Easy to use, simple design
Data controlled grass management system
State of the art LED technology from Mechatronix
90% more light than a 1000 watt HPS SON-T for the same energy!
Full light spectrum control
Fast delivery
Up to 50% more energy efficient than competing LED systems
Sensor integration
Innovative lens design result in more homogeneous grass growth
Height reduction also possible without electricity
Key specifications | Booster 240 HPS SON-T / LED / HYBRID
Turf pitch lighting area 240 m2
Light control Off / On (softstart / -stop)
Climate control No
Dimensions (LxWxH) 11,6 x 2,4 x 3,1m
Voltage 110 - 400 Vac
Booster 240 LED Specifications
LED fixtures 18x Mechatronix CoolStack®
LED PPFD average 320 µmol/m2/s
LED Energy consumption 22,5 kW (94 W/m2)
LED Market leading efficiency 3.485 µmol/J
LED dimming 0 - 100% (wireless control)
Total weight ~1600kg
Booster 240 HPS SON-T Specifications
HPS SON-T fixtures 36x Dutch Lighting Innovations
HPS PPFD average 320 µmol/m2/s
HPS Energy consumption 36 kW (150 W/m2)
HPS light efficiency 2.100 µmol/J
HPS dimming No, ON/OFF only
Total weight ~1200kg

Booster 240 explained

Height adjustable turf-lighting system

Booster 480 1 and 2
Booster 240 HPS & LED
HPS, LED or a combination of both fixtures generate PAR light to to enable the process of photosynthesis by which a plant produces the food material (carbohydrates) it needs to function, recover and stay healthy.
Assembly and installation
The Booster 240 is delivered complete and ready to use. Connect to the electricity grid and start lighting the grass! We will provide you the necessary knowledge to plan your lighting.
Convenient usage
Due to the aluminium frames, the Booster 240 is easily maneuverable and replaceable by 2 fieldmanagers. Additional integrated motorized axles are available for replacing by 1 fieldmanager.
Easy control
The control is easy and intuitive. Manual controls allow to put the Booster on and off. Wireless control using our monitoring tool, additionally allows for creating lighting time tables and dimming levels.

Cost calculation example

HPS SON-T (2.100 µmol/s)
€ 7.200
Energy consumption per year (€ 0,11/kWh)
€ 21.507
HPS SON-T replacement costs each 18.000 hours
€ 3.095
Total cost after 3 years
€ 75.112
Total cost after 5 years
€ 120.385
Total cost after 10 years
€ 235.571
CoolStack® LED equivalent (3.485 µmol/s)
€ 33.350
Energy consumption per year (€ 0,11/kWh)
€ 13.696
No LED replacement costs: 10 year warranty
€ 0
Total cost after 3 years
€ 70.813
Total cost after 5 years
€ 97.205
Total cost after 10 years
€ 166.684
10 year total savings (€ 278 /m2)
€ 68.887

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We will help you realize your goals based on data monitoring and state of the art LED technology. With our different approach, we are offering to be your strong partner in a broad range of turf care and growlight solutions.

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