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Upgrade your current SON-T system to LED

Directly profit without additional investment
Key features:
Upgrade applicable for all brands of grass grow lights
Save instantly > 90% on your energy costs
Return On Investment of < 2 years
Full LED or Hybrid retrofit (50% LED and 50% HPS SON-T)
10 year LED warranty
10 year led warranty white
Money back guarantee white 3
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Save instantly >90% on your energy costs

Are you currently using a grass growth system? Does this work with HPS SON-T lighting? Do you realize that you are using too much energy every day to generate grass growth? Did you know that a switch to LED lighting can help you earn € 500 / month? And that this switch can be financed without any additional investment?

Upgrade your current grass growth system and let us advise you on your exact savings. In addition, the step to Mechatronix LED lighting benefits the quality of your turf pitch, due to the gradual soft start/ stop of the lighting system and the possibility to integrate lighting control with fine-meshed data sensors.

Due to the application of state of the art LED lighting from Mechatronix, you save approximately € 13.800 / year in electricity costs compared to a comparable 68 m2 HPS SON-T setup. This ensures that you are guaranteed to have the lowest operating costs and, compared to HPS SON-T, have earned back this setup within 2 years. This ensures healthy grass and better growth at lower costs. 
The sensitivity of grass photosynthesis to specific wavelengths of light, can be perfectly matched with LEDs. Therefore, the energy inefficiency in the 500 - 600 nm spectrum of HPS SON-T is one of the reasons why Stogger LEDs are >90% energy efficient compared to SON-T.   
All Features
Upgrade applicable for all brands of grass grow lights (i.e. SGL)
Generates morphologic faster rooting and stronger vegetative growth
Save directly € 500 / month without additional investment
Return On Investment of < 2 years
Full LED or Hybrid retrofit (50% LED and 50% HPS SON-T)
Up to 50% more energy efficient than competing LED systems
Lowest-cost of ownership
Sensor integration possible
Profit from state of the art LED technology from Mechatronix
Batwing lenses allow for homogeneous grass growth
10 year LED warranty
No more HPS SON-T replacement each 3 years
Full light spectrum control
Data controlled grass management system
Fast delivery
Key specifications | Mechatronix Coolstack® LED lighting
Market leading efficiency 3.5 µmol/J
Light control Off / On (softstart / -stop)
LED dimming 0 - 100%
Light control Wireless
Energy consumption 1 kW
Homogeneous grass growth Yes, multiple batwing lenses available
Warranty 10 years
Lifetime 75.000 hours L90B50
Upgradable LED engines Yes
Sensor integration Yes

Advanced light distribution with TIR lenses

Ensures homogeneous grass growth

Mechatronix lenses
The importance of light distribution in LED grow light systems is many times seriously underestimated. Certainly grass which is sensitive to fluctuations over the turf pitch in received PPFD are in absolute need of a proper light distribution.
A perfect even light distribution over the turf pitch from a single luminaire is still something most grow lights seem to have difficulties with to manage.

A lot of horticulture grow lights that even use LEDs, spread out over a cooler. Often without the use of any optics to control the beam distribution, just with a simple glass or plexi cover.
With these lamps the light output always comes as a 120 degree beam with a parabolic shape.
A LED package without secondary optics has a typical light distribution angle of 120° or 80°. This means that when the energy directly under the light fixture = 100%, you will have a light and energy decrease to 80% at 30 degrees left and right, and a further erosion to 40% at 60 degrees left and right of the luminaire. As an effect, homogeneous grass growth is not possible with this kind of setup.

With the Mechatronix CoolStack® grow lights you can choose from various TIR or "Total Internal Reflection" lenses for an optimal balance between light distribution and grass penetration resulting in an optimal energy efficiency and even grass growth.


In horticultural practice the distribution of assimilation light within the grass market is one of the most discussed issues. Since costs for light, and thus energy, do not seem to stop increasing, an efficient use of assimilation light is of considerable importance for fieldmanagers. Many suppliers still use HPS SON-T. We apply only apply Mechatornix LED lights. Why did we made this decision?

Why not use HPS SON-T?

While the efficiency and technology of HPS SON-T grow lights has stabilized over years, the efficiency of LED grow lights moves up every year. Just a few years ago we could still discuss if LED grow lights would offer a major advantage over the well-known and proven, but very limited lifetime technology of HPS SON-T lamps.

Today it is clear that the future of horti assimilation lighting is completely turning in the direction of LED technology. The most important cost driver of any grass grow solution is energy efficiency. Due to it's proven track-record, the only way to go is a LED powered solution. The cost savings make sure that within 3 years a LED system is cheaper than SON-T.

10 year LED warranty

We apply more than just another LED grow light. For LED retrofit projects and our Boosters, we used the Mechatronix Coolstack®, with a market leading efficacy of 3.5µmol/J, as it is a state-of-the-art grow light platform with an unprecedented level of technology and vision in it. As an example, it is the world's first sustainable LED grow light on the market. With a 10 year warranty and LED life time of 75.000 burning hours this stand equivalent to 20 years of use at a yearly rate of 3.600 hours of deployment. Of course in that time the technology and efficiency of LED grow lights will drastically change and improve, and your energy cost is one of the major aspects.

Therefore, the the CoolStack® is designed in such a way that the LED grow light engines can be replaced and updated over time. Did you know that the LED emitters only count for 35% of the total cost of a grow light, and that the expectations are that this percentage will further decline over time when the LEDs become cheaper? So why would you throw away 100% of a LED lamp after a few years when you want to upgrade to the next level of market efficiency in grow lights while you could do that with just a part of the cost?

This is how we contribute, not only in your current investment but also in your future!

Cost calculation example

HPS SON-T (2.100 µmol/s)
€ 7.200
Energy consumption per year (€ 0,11/kWh)
€ 21.507
HPS SON-T replacement costs each 18.000 hours
€ 3.095
Total cost after 3 years
€ 75.112
Total cost after 5 years
€ 120.385
Total cost after 10 years
€ 235.571
CoolStack® LED equivalent (3.485 µmol/s)
€ 33.350
Energy consumption per year (€ 0,11/kWh)
€ 13.696
No LED replacement costs: 10 year warranty
€ 0
Total cost after 3 years
€ 70.813
Total cost after 5 years
€ 97.205
Total cost after 10 years
€ 166.684
10 year total savings (€ 278 /m2)
€ 68.887


Profit without additional investment
Owning a current HPS SON-T grow light system
Are you currently working with a competing HPS SON-T based system? You want to profit from a LED upgrade, but have no room for additional investment? We have a solution helping you earn € 500 / month.

As the calculation example shows, this basically means that you can finance the LED investment by paying less cost to your electricity supplier and additionally earn money.
LED lighting investment
€ 34.800
Yearly operational LED cost savings
€ 15.140
Monthly operational LED cost savings
€ 1.261
60 month LED investment: monthly leasing term
€ 761
Monthly operational cost savings
€ 500

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