Innovative Turf Care for a Sustainable Future
Innovative Turf Care for a Sustainable Future
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Stogger Weather Station

Monitoring your turf
Key features:
Provides insight into your turf conditions
Set alarms and plan maintenance
Multiple sensors allow for fine-meshed turf insights

Stogger Weather Station

Monitoring your turf pitch

Stogger offers a Cloud-based Weather Station, which means that it connects via a mobile network to a data center. The Stogger app keeps you informed of all developments on your plot. The tool will automatically notify itself when a value set by the fieldmanager is reached or exceeded.

For example, if you have a soil moisture sensor in use, Stogger can send an alarm if it threatens to become too dry for your grass to grow. This allows you to respond in a timely manner.

Stogger's Weather Station can be put together according to your wishes. The sensors that are of no interest to you can be omitted. Several sensors of each type can be connected. It is also possible to connect other types of sensors to the Stogger Weather Station.
What can be measured?
The Stogger Weather Station can measure the following parameters:
Soil moisture
Temperature (various heights)
Soil temperature
Wind force and direction
Relative air humidity
Solar power
UV radiation
UV radiation
Telephone Soil screen
Our smartphone app as well as desktop control allows for data management, Booster control and setting warnings.

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Are you looking to ensure grass growth and recovery throughout the year, while maintaining a consistently strong and healthy turf pitch?

We can help you reach your goals through our innovative turf care systems and data driven approach. With our innovative approach, we aim to become your reliable and innovation partner in providing a diverse range of turf care and growlight solutions.

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