Innovative Turf Care for a Sustainable Future
Innovative Turf Care for a Sustainable Future

Innovative Turf Care
for a sustainable future

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We offer state-of-the-art tools 
to help you create the best pitch possible
Grass is at the center to many sports, significantly impacting player welfare and game quality. Stogger Turf Care specializes in developing advanced LED grass growth solutions, leveraging data-driven research to produce high-quality grass at reduced expenses. Through our team of experts, we guarantee state-of-the-art stadium growlight solutions, fostering an environment to conceive excellent grass growth. Committed to intelligent design and energy efficiency, we supply clients with our cutting-edge Dynamic Light Spectrum (DLS) LED grow lights, controlled by data to ensure not only maximum energy efficiency but also the highest turf quality.

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Turf Care Advice


Do you want to improve the quality of your turf and stimulate exceptional grass growth? Before thinking about grass growth solutions, it is important to clarify the starting situation.
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Our state-of-the-art, continuously expanding product range ensures that we can offer a LED grass growth solutions for every situation.
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Turf Care Solutions
Turf Care Monitoring


Data-driven turf management empowers you to cultivate excellent grass growth.
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We do not believe in the “one spectrum for all” philosophy

Stogger Dynamic Light Spectrum

Our cutting-edge DLS LED system is engineered to foster the most natural grass growth possible. Utilizing upgradeable LED engines, we deliver a dynamic, 3-channel light spectrum that can be individually controlled and steered to mimic the natural progression of sunrise, midday, and sunset. This fosters optimal conditions for grass growth, effective rooting, and plant vitality. Equipped with a passive heat pipe cooling system, our LED modules ensure maximum cooling efficiency. With a 90% led efficiency output after 75,000 burning hours, our Dynamic Light Spectrum rigs stand as the pinnacle of efficiency in today's market.

Dynamic Light Spectrum LED
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Why choose stogger turf care


  • VVV Venlo logo

    VVV - Venlo

    "Intensive process with the ultimate result of a fit turf pitch in a non-growing winter period. The results are very good. Stogger offers an energy efficient and affordable solution for grass lighting."
    Marco Bogers, CEO
  • mechatronix-logo

    Mechatronix - Breda

    "Stogger successfully adopted our greenhouse LED fixtures into a powerful grass growth solution. Over the past years, Stogger has proven to be a strong and stable partner to us."
    Koen Vangorp, CEO
  • HI Sports logo

    HI Sports - Eindhoven

    "Stogger's innovative and modular approach resulted in these state of the art and power efficient lighting units. In combination with our custom made lighting advice, this brings out the best of the grass in any circumstance."
    Joep van Cranenbroek, Data Biologist
  • KRC - Genk

    "Thanks to this cutting-edge growlight technology, we can maintain our field in a sustainable and efficient manner, which will directly result in improved grass quality. A high-quality turf contributes to our team's performance and provides an optimal playing environment for our players. We look forward to the impact of this advanced technology on our turf."
    Eddy van Endert, Head Groundsman

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Are you looking to ensure grass growth and recovery throughout the year, while maintaining a consistently strong and healthy turf pitch?

We can help you reach your goals through our innovative turf care systems and data driven approach. With our innovative approach, we aim to become your reliable and innovation partner in providing a diverse range of turf care and growlight solutions.

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