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Stogger Stadium Grow Light

Better Grass at Lower Cost

We offer technical superior tools to improve your grass QUALITY
Grass, it's the heart of many games. The quality of the game is highly effected by the quality of the grass. 

Stogger develops and produces technical superior LED grass grow solutions which create better grass at lower costs. We base our knowledge on data and research. 
A network of strong and specialized partners ensures a world-class ecosystem with proven and efficient stadium grow light solutions creating a climate for optimized grass growth.

Due to our continuous focus on energy-efficiency, we are able to offer our clients a steerable LED grass grow light solution, driven and controlled by data at the lowest total cost of ownership.
Energy savings calculation

9 reasons to use Stogger Grass Grow Solutions

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Create a more dense, stable and healthy turf pitch
Speed up germination and grass recovery
Generate grass growth all year round
Exclusive distributor of Mechatronix LED lights
LED allows lowest energy and maintenance costs
LED upgrade possible without additional investment
Data collection and management integration
Proven solutions based on research and practice
Developed and produced in the Netherlands

Key characteristics of SON-T vs Stogger LED solutions

Morphology not steerable by spectrum
Higher light level not possible, because of tipburn
Limited initial investment
Energy intensive. Requires industrial main connection & feed lines
35% light efficiency
Energy efficiency of 2.1 µmol/J 
Replace lamps every 3 years, maintenance required
No optics; uneven light distribution resulting in "grass growth spots" 
End of life technology
Static lighting: on/off
Creates a lot of heat: high inefficiency and risk of tipburn
Morphologic faster rooting and stronger vegetative growth
Higher light level possible, shorter treatment
Initial investment payback period <3 years
Energy efficient. Limited main connection necessary
70% light efficiency
Energy efficiency of 3.5 µmol/J
10 years warranty, maintenance free
World-class optics; even light distribution for homogeneic growth 
State-of-the-art technology; allows to profit from new developments
Dynamic lighting: soft start/stop, like the sun
Creates low heat. If heat is needed, burning gas is > 2x cheaper
Please contact us to get more cost insights into the difference between HPS SON-T and LED solutions

QUALITY LED solution for optimal grass growth & recovery

In turf lighting practice the distribution of assimilation light within the grass growlight market is one of the most discussed issues. Since lighting costs, and thus energy, do not seem to stop increasing, an efficient use of assimilation light is of considerable importance for fieldmanagers. Many suppliers still use HPS SON-T. We focus at applying Mechatronix LED grow lights. Why did we made this decision?

Why not use HPS SON-T?

While the efficiency and technology of HPS SON-T grow lights has stabilized over years, the efficiency of LED grow lights moves up every year. Just a few years ago we could still discuss if LED grow lights would offer a major advantage over the well-known and proven, but very limited lifetime technology of HPS SON-T lamps.

Today it is clear that the future of turf assimilation lighting has completely turned in the direction of LED technology. The most important cost driver of any grass grow solution is energy efficiency. Due to it's proven track-record, the only way to go is a LED powered solution. The cost savings make sure that within 2 years a LED system is cheaper than SON-T. 

10 year LED warranty

We designed our Booster's with more than just another LED grow light. We used the Mechatronix Coolstack®, with a market leading efficacy up to 3.6µmol/J, as it is a state-of-the-art grow light platform with an unprecedented level of technology and vision in it. As an example, we equip our Booster's with the first sustainable LED grow light on the market. With a 10 year warranty and LED life time of 75.000 lighting hours this stand equivalent to 20 years of use at a yearly rate of 3.600 hours of deployment. Of course in that time the technology and efficiency of LED grow lights will drastically change and improve, and your energy cost is one of the major aspects.

Therefore, the CoolStack® is designed in such a way that the LED grow light engines can be replaced and updated over time.
Did you know that the LED engines only count for 35% of the total cost of a grow light, and that the expectations are that this percentage will further decline over time when the LEDs become cheaper?
So why would you throw away 100% of a LED lamp after your warranty period when you want to upgrade to the next level of market efficiency in grow lights while you could do that with just a small part of the cost?
This is how we contribute, not only in your current investment, but also securing your durable future!
Mechatronix CoolStack
Booster 70C picture bottom

Cost Calculation Example

We provide grass grow light solutions for the lowest cost of ownership. To demonstrate in practice what that means, we have made a cost comparison calculation example below for HPS SON-T vs LED.
The calculation is based on a closed stadium like the Johan Cruijff Arena with a very minimum of sunlight all-year long. In a more open stadium or at different kWh rates, savings are different. Contact us for a cost calculation for your specific situation.
SON-T - 200 m2 grass @ 410 µmol/s/m2
Initial investment: HPS SON-T (2.100 µmol/s)
€ 8.200
Energy consumption per year (€ 0,20/kWh)
€ 41.519
HPS SON-T replacement costs each 18.000 hours
€ 3.550
Total costs after 3 years
€ 135.711
Total costs after 5 years
€ 220.666
Total costs after 10 years
€ 433.055
Stogger LED - 200 m2 grass @ 410 µmol/s/m2
CoolStack® LED equivalent (3.485 µmol/s)
€ 27.200
Energy consumption per year (€ 0,20/kWh)
€ 19.200
No LED replacement costs: 10 year warranty
€ 0
Total costs after 3 years
€ 84.844
Total costs after 5 years
€ 123.244
Total costs after 10 years
€ 219.244
10 year total cost of ownership savings (€ 1.069 /m2)
€ 213.811

LEASING: EARN money without AN ADDITIONAL investment

If you lease the CoolStack® to retrofit your running SON-T system, you instantly earn € 500/month without additional investment
Based on the above example. The payback period differs depending on your specific situation.
Leasing earnings calculation

What makes us unique?

Energy efficiency
Smart design and our energy efficient solutions save up to 
€ 62/m2/year 
compared to competing systems
Stogger is the exclusive distributor of the market leading energy efficient Mechatronix LED lighting for the turf growlight market
One-stop partner
From light recipe and growth plan to installation and maintenance. We are your full-service partner
10 year warranty
Market leading
10 year LED warranty 
on all our Mechatronix LED lighting systems
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Our most wanted LED Grass Grow light solutions

Booster 70C

Exceptional energy efficiency, ultimate performance
Mobile greenhouse grass grow solution
Proven grass growth even at outside temperatures close to 0 °C
State of the art LED technology from Mechatronix
90% more light than SON-T
Up to 50% more energy efficient than competing LED systems
Innovative lens design result in homogeneous grass growth
Cloth cover increases energy efficiency >30%
Customizable cloth cover allow for promotional possibilities
10 year LED warranty
Lowest-cost of ownership
Climate control for reliable growth
Full light spectrum control
Sensor integration
Data controlled grass management system
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Mechatronix Coolstack 900x900 v3

HPS SON-T retrofit to LED

Upgrade your current grass lighting system
Profit without additional investment
Upgrade applicable for all existing grass grow light systems
Full LED or Hybrid retrofit (50% LED and 50% HPS SON-T)
Generates morphologic faster rooting and stronger vegetative growth
Earn directly € 500 / month without additional investment
Up to 50% more energy efficient than competing LED systems
Lowest-cost of ownership
Weather Sensor integration possible
10 year LED warranty and extreme lifetime
No more HPS SON-T replacement each 3 years
Batwing lenses allow for homogeneous grass growth
Full light spectrum control
Upgrade to a data controlled grass management system
Check our LED system upgrade


HI Sports logo

HI Sports - Eindhoven

Stogger's innovative and modular approach resulted in these state of the art and power efficient lighting units. In combination with our custom made lighting advice, this brings out the best of the grass in any circumstance.
Joep van Cranenbroek, Data Biologist
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VVV - Venlo

Intensive process with the ultimate result of a fit turf pitch in a non-growing winter period. The results are very good. Stogger offers an energy efficient and affordable solution for grass lighting.
Marco Bogers, CEO

Mechatronix - Breda

Stogger successfully adopted our greenhouse LED fixtures into a powerful grass growth solution. Over the past years, Stogger has proven to be a strong and stable partner to us.
Koen Vangorp, CEO


When doing research on stadium grass grow lights you will be confronted with countless metrics and abbreviations. These are the main numbers that can be used to compare lighting systems for grass grow solutions. 
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Importance of light distribution
The importance of light distribution in LED grow light systems is many times seriously underestimated. Grass is sensitive to fluctuations over the turf pitch in received PPFD and is in the absolute need of a proper light distribution to ensure an even growth.
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More light energy for less $$
Ofcourse, the health of your grass is of key importance. But let's not forget that the reason why you might want to use a LED powered grow light system is because it helps you save a lot of money on energy costs.
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About us

Based in the Brainport region in the south-east of the Netherlands, Stogger redefines the future of sports grass maintenance. With it's founders originating from the High Tech Industry, controlled grass growth becomes within the reach of every self-respecting sports club. 

We don't bring only the right light to you for your optimal turf pitch, we make it steerable, controllable and data driven. We look with different eyes to existing markets and reshape the future.

As a long-term innovation partner of Mechatronix, Stogger can count on a profound plant physiologic knowledge obtained by years of research by the market leader in greenhouse grow lights.

With research partners like the Wageningen University & Research, Plant Lighting, Proefcentrum Hoogstraten, ..., we are able to bring the best value proposition to our customers.

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Would you like to get a healthier turf pitch? Generate grass growth all year round? Increase game quality and reduce injuries? 

We help you to realize your goals based on data monitoring and state of the art LED technology. With our different approach, we offer to be your strong partner offering a broad range of solutions to create better grass at lower cost.

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